Duct Tape & Bailing Wire

I oft refer to myself as the best blind southern engineer on the planet. That title stems from my ability to take whatever materials I have at hand, throw them together w/duct tape & bailing wire, & somehow make stuff work.


For whatever reason, holenews.org suddenly began experiencing difficulties sending emails. The problem is serverside, which means it’s out of your webservant’s hands, & either the powers that be are having difficulty believing me that the problem exists &/or they don’t know why. Meanwhile, I’ve tried some redirect wizardry in hopes of getting the posts emailed to subscribers till the problem can be well & truly fixed, i.e., the cyber equivalent of duct tape & bailing wire. Let’s see if it flies.


I’d like to make 1 more note. The email used for sending out the Hole News is not, contrary to what some appear to believe, Lloyd’s exclusive email address. It actually goes to the site administrators, 1 of whom is your webservant. Thus–Mattson family–heads up–I read all correspondence that comes to that mailbox. If you don’t wish your messages to be read by prying eyes from non-Mattson family members (even if those eyes happen not to work), you might wish to direct correspondence to Lloyd’s private gmail address. Lloyd does consider me family–some of the rest of the Mattson family, however, well may not, which is understandable. Just letting everyone know.


Blessings & have a wonderful Sunday, all.