Dad Gum Webservants & Their Idiotic Tests

I’ve been away much of this week, connected to an unsecured wireless network, & therefore did not dare to log into this site much less post anything. This is simply a test of the emailing system. This is only a test. Were this an actual post, you’d have been requested to read it rather than ignore it. We’ll see if the rather gigantic piece of my mind I gave the hosting folks had any benefit–I sure hope so cuz I don’t have much mind to spare, & that 1 was probably more than I could really afford. It did seem, however, to get them to sit up & take notice. We’ll see.


I might be away again Monday wig shopping. Dealing w/the powers that be on this 1 definitively proved tough on my already dwindling hair supply. As wigs seem to be easier to procure than minds, that expedition should hopefully not prove too difficult.


Lastly, I’m glad I don’t have 1 of those talking birds as a pet. I’m certain it’d have repeated some phrases regarding this incident that I’d rather it didn’t, & it’d have done it at the most inopportune time, i.e., when the pastor was visiting, etc. I suspect were I a member of the Catholic faith, I’d be doing penance for a solid month.


By way of explanation, it appears that somehow the system labeled email as spam, & I jockeyed (Jackied?) around w/’em for 9 days before they fixed it–if indeed they fixed it. So–here it goes off into cyberspace, accompanied by many prayers, petitions, & supplications that this problem is indeed resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, or I’m gonna have to start the whole process all over again, which absolutely no one will like. If I do have to start from square 1, maybe I will get 1 of those talking birds, & he can give ’em a piece of his mind, using my words. That way, I don’t have to give away more of mine.