What I Believe

Having left behind some teachings of my youth, friends sometimes ask, “Lloyd, what do you believe?” I ponder that often. What are my core beliefs? I have identified truths that anchor my walk with Jesus. I could expand each with pages of detail and multiple texts.

First, I believe in mystery. Mystery overshadows all my beliefs. Our minds are not equipped to grasp infinity, eternity, incarnation, Trinity, Deity. I claim by faith what my mind cannot encompass and leave all with God.

I believe in the sovereign grace of Creator God who loves his creatures and acted to teach me what I could know about his Person.

I believe the in the Incarnation. Jesus was who he claimed to be: one with the Father.

I believe in the Atonement: the cross, empty tomb, and final triumph of the gospel.

I believe in God’s kingdom, which is something other than the Church though it includes churches.

I believe in the local church, companies large or small that band together for worship, learning, and service.

I believe in the Bible as God intended it teaches inerrant truth, often through figurative language.

I believe in prayer, conversation with God.

I believe in personal witness, sharing Jesus through life and word.

I believe in creation ex nihilo. God lit the big bang in ages past, introducing into the process all that was needed to fulfill his purpose through progressive creation. God sustains his creation through the word of his power.

I believe in consummation, the ultimate winding down of the temporal universe.

Old Grandpa Lloyd