One of Life’s Great Mysteries

Coffee is my drug of choice. I acquired the addiction when I was 18 and just had my tonsils out. Hot liquids soothed my throat. Theretofore I had only the occasional cup and failed to understand all the excitement. It was served too hot for anything but sipping so wasn’t a thirst quencher. I didn’t taste very good. Like other drugs it required persistence to achieve dependency.

I don’t like either cream or sugar. I take my coffee black, medium strength, no sugar, and piping hot. You can keep your flavored coffee and those weird beverages people line up for a Starbucks.

This morning I made coffee as always—same amount of water, same four heaping scoops of coffee. About 10 minutes later I poured my first cup and marveled at how bad it was. It was little better than weak tea. Yesterday it was so strong it might as well have come from Starbucks and cost $3.50 and no free refills. Tomorrow, if I’m lucky, it’ll be somewhere in the tolerable middle.

I can’t explain this. Something supernatural must be to blame. I get the same variations even if I buy a new pot like a carpenter blaming his tools. It is not my fault. Even I can fill a pot to the top and count to four. Admittedly it is usually about 5 AM and the need to satisfy my addiction is compelling. Still, a full pot of water and four scoops of coffee is hard to screw up.

I’m open to explanations, but be aware I’m a skeptic. I’ve also puzzled over socks that disappear in the dryer and no one has yet satisfactorily explained that.

Young Grandpa Keith

One thought on “One of Life’s Great Mysteries

  1. Well, if you’d clean the bleapin thing out once in awhile w/a solution of 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar, it might not happen. But then single guys tend not to do stuff like that. Lol.

    So here are a few things from one who believes that coffee is indeed the very elixir of life.
    1) For corn sakes, use bottled/filtered water (& no, not 1 of those worthless supposedly filtered pitchers, either), else you get to taste every algie bloom that ever inhabited the body of water from which your water supply is derived.
    2) Charcoal filters, changed on schedule, are also a good idea.
    3) Keep your coffee in the freezer.
    4) Buy small, buy fresh, buy often.
    5) Better yet, buy a coffee grinder & grind it, but all of the above still apply. & yeah–don’t forget to clean out the coffee grinder.

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