The Blogging Trail

It’s past midnight. I’ve posted the Hole News online and on Facebook. I sit back to ponder how a tech klutz like me ever got into blogging.

The trail began when I was five or six. While visiting Grandma Preston’s farm, I came across a Bull Durham-flavored Marine Band harmonica. I began to tootle and before long, Jesus Loves Me popped out! The harmonica became my sidekick from then on. That’s an unlikely starting point for blogging, but stay with me.

Fast forward 60 years. Elsie and I are I retired. We’re visiting son Joel in Fairbanks and take in his Songs and Legends of Alaska show. Joel played an Omnichord, a desk-top instrument made by Suzuki. I was impressed. He gave his backup Omni and I soon figure it out. I grabbed my harmonica and had me a band!

One day I stumbled on a homely harmonica newsletter and wrote a piece about the Omnichord/Harmonica combo. Then Suzuki upgraded the Omnichord to what they called a QChord. I gave it a try and wrote another newsletter piece about abandoning sweetheart Omni for Suzi Q. Abe Thomas, who held the Suzuki e-sales franchise, asked permission to run the piece on the QChord Group webpage.

That introduced me to stimulating association. I started posting and soon noticed sprightly input by Jackie McBride, also a harmonica player. We exchanged notes and I learned she had written a manual for blind Q-players. I had no idea Jackie was blind!

Retirement chores eventually crowded out the Q group, but I maintained ties with Jackie, who lived in Arizona. Then in early 2003, Elsie injured her spine. Our lives changed. I cared for her six years, at home and in Hospice. Late in 2008 Elsie began to fade and I started a group email to family and friends to keep them posted. Elsie died in February, 2009. We had been married 66 years.

Nights became lonesome and long. Connecting with family and friends brought comfort and I continued the group email. But after a few months, things began to get out of hand. We’ll pick up the trail next time.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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  1. & it’s so been my pleasure being the webservant for the Hole News. Thanks for letting me. Some folks actually do get rapid-anxious when they think about having someone who’s blind administer their site. Didn’t seem like you batted an eyelash about it. Or if you did, I didn’t see it hahaha.

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