Christmas Eve Eve

My most amazing photo, reposted from 2012

Each year two days before Christmas Santa pays an exclusive visit to Life Care Center to deliver presents. I hide out and follow him on his rounds. This is no shopping mall Santa stand-in. This is the genuine article. Despite his iron clad no pictures policy he granted me an exemption and paused with each resident for a photo.

Because elves only manufacture toys for children these presents are provided by staff and friends of Life Care. I took a name from the giving tree where all the residents’ names were hanging. My person was Gerry who loves to do word search puzzles and play solitaire. She’s been playing with the same deck for several years and refuses to change to a new one, so I got her Word Search books and and nice smelling lotion and soaps. Gerry only took a fleeting glance at the sweet smelling stuff, and immediately opened a puzzle book and set to work.

When all the all gifts were distributed Santa and his stand-in elves took a cookie and punch break. I mentioned that Gerry had plunged right into one of the puzzle books. Santa told us that Gerry unabashedly cheats at solitaire. I figured he knew this just because he is Santa and knows everything. Then he gave us all a final “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and disappeared in a sparkly cloud.

Afterward I was told that Gerry’s true last name is Claus. She is Santa’s mother. That explained the special attention Life Care gets from Santa and his intimate knowledge of Gerry’s card playing habits.

Don’t tell me there is no Santa Claus. I have the pictures.

Young Grandpa Keith

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