Third Cup of Coffee

In a little while the sun riding low in the winter sky will be so bright that the closed vertical blinds of my south facing window will fail to cut the glare enough for my comfort. I left them open until the sun appeared in the southeast just above the trees and shined directly in my light sensitive eyes. It could be cataracts that have lurked in my eyes for years may be advancing. My ophthalmologist will let me know. My annual exam is in a few weeks. I’m going to put on sunglasses and a cap and go for a walk.

I last night I sifted through photos from yesterday’s Rookery visit and found two more to post for the benefit of non-Facebook followers. The up close and personal shot of the Great Blue Heron was the first picture I took. It was fishing on the edge of the lake and concentrating on his prey oblivious to gawkers. I’m sure Great Egrets are good for more than just standing around being beautiful, bit if not I’ll settle for that.

Young Grandpa Keith

One thought on “Third Cup of Coffee

  1. Hi Keith!
    On a winter’s day in Northern Ireland, your striking photographs help us to realize that there is a world out there! Hope the weather forecasters don’t get it right this time.

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