Game Day’s a Coming!

It’s soon here, one week from today. All America will set aside squabbles and watch the greatest show on earth.  Parties everywhere; bookies frenetic; pundits pondering; everyone asking the same question: Who will win?

I’m a sports klutz. I have no idea which players belong to which league or team. The mega bucks involved in salaries and stadiums blow my mind. I really don’t care. I’ve lived 93 years in blissful ignorance and it’s too late to change. Yet I feel Super Bowl tension rising.

I’ll watch but I won’t bet; I know too little about the competitors.  I’ll watch with the girl from 313, who understands such things. I’ll hold my breath awaiting the results. The winner collects millions.

I understand they hired a couple football teams to entertain between acts.  Maybe this year those big horses will win. They’re so cool.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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