Sunny Saturday in Sarasota

Most of Florida’s highest elevations are at the tops of buildings, mostly expensive condos with views of the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Sarasota is officially 16.08 feet, but just out of town at the celery fields is a ridge of land with a heliport at the top that is a whopping 100 feet above sea level. Except from the top of the tallest building around here, 26 floors I’m told, you can’t get any higher anywhere within perhaps a hundred miles. I walked up and took a picture.

It was a pleasant walk, but not exactly my kind of photo op, so I took the short loop trail back to sea level and found a Tri-color Heron fishing, I snapped three pictures in little more than a second as he struck at something and missed.

Better luck next time.

Young Grandpa Keith