A Good, Faithful Servant Goes Home

After 99 years of faithful service, Cousin Lester Mattson died. He spent his last years blinded by macular desecration.

I remember Lester and his brother Freddie, closest cousins to my age in the Mattson clan, from childhood years in Duluth. When Elsie and I built Whiteface Woods in Cotton in the 70s, Lester became our pastor at Cotton Covenant.

Lester filled various roles with the St. Louis County engineering staff, serving the church part time. But he and wife Edie served far more than part time.

I recall driving home to Whiteface Woods one afternoon and coming upon a car upside down in a deep, wet ditch. Lester knelt in the water, holding up a woman’s head to keeping her from drowning while directing others to leverage back the front seat with a come-along Lester carried in his car. He freed the woman before the ambulance arrived.

A community-wide memorial will be held in Cotton this summer, and a time of remembering April 1 at Primrose Apartments, Duluth, where Lester lived out his years. . Northlanders are invited. Lester’s pastor, Dave Mork of Emmanuel Baptist, will lead. The service will begin at 10:00 A.M.

Old Grandpa Lloyd