The Go With the Flow Gospel


It’s midnight. I lie awake studying my cluttered, over-crowded living room. Getting ready for a new bed, I cleared everything loose from the bedroom/study so neighbor Jim could shampoo the carpet. A powerful comeuppance grips me. Had I got my druthers that winter of 2011-’12, this is how I would have been living the past five years. I tell the story whenever I find opportunity.

Oh, what I would have missed!

The experience taught me the go-with-the-flow gospel. I no longer fuss over seeking God’s will. I pick any direction that seems to make sense and walk on, assured my Heavenly Guide will manage the direction. I will never leave you or forsake you, he said. Whatever you do, don’t bug God when you don’t get your druthers.

Sound like heresy? I promise this: Tend to your walk; the Heavenly Guide will set the direction. My slogan never fails: Walk with God and you’ll get where he’s going.

Works every time.

Old Grandpa Lloyd