Connect the Dots

I love my life at Woodland Garden; the setting, the ambiance, my fellow residents (56 women, 8 men), the girl from 313.  I even love the sleepless hours when my cogitator kicks in.  I often ponder the process that continually sweetens my life, in spite of gathering years.  Take this sequence:

About 25 years ago, Abe Thomas contacted me for permission to reprint a for-fun piece I had written for a harmonica newsletter. Abe hosted a large online group of Suzuki QChord players. I had written about jilting sweetheart Omni for her younger sister, Suzy Q.

I learned about the Omnichord and QChord from son Joel, who used them in his Songs and Legends of Alaska show in Fairbanks. He gave me his back-up Omnichord, and I found it worked really well with my harmonica. Soon after, the QChord upgrade came out, which occasioned the newsletter piece.

Abe Thomas held the online sales franchise for the instruments, and I joined his QChord group. There I met Jackie McBride, a gifted blind woman who had created a QChord manual for the sight-impaired.   I wrote her up in the Hole News, then a daily group email with 250 readers. Jackie said, Lloyd, you’re wearing yourself out. Let me set up a Hole News website. I didn’t know she was a webmaster pro.

All this came to mind recently when Abe showed up on my Facebook page.  Connect the dots: Joel, Abe, Jackie. No wonder life gets better and better for this harmonica-honking geezer, who lives at Woodland Garden.

Old Grandpa Lloyd