Woe Is Us?



This morning on Facebook, philosopher friend Joe Grove referenced William Goldberg’s Lord of Flies. I read the novel in 1954, the year it was published. The story concerns a plane crash on an uninhabited Pacific island that kills all the adults, stranding a group of young British boys. Their disastrous attempt to govern themselves unfolds through the chapters.

Joe discussed prescient authors of the past, suggesting that Lord of the Flies speaks to our current political plight, the peril of inexperienced, immature leadership.

I try to keep the Hole News apolitical, but events of recent days make that all but impossible. The flurry of partisan responses I expect will follow this post will prove my point. America has never been so divided. Something deadly is happening, with symptoms multiplying. You make your own list.

I know God remains on the throne, but history affirms the rise and fall of empires. I see our nation stumbling. No, I don’t know how to fix it, nor will I lean on cliché texts, applying as a general principle promises God made to Israel. But this I know: whatever the next years bring, God will sustain his followers. I refuse to spend myself with woe is us hand-wringing.

Old Grandpa Lloyd