Goodbye Sandy

We gathered in the Woodland Garden community room last Wednesday to farewell our manager, Sandy. Mike Edmunds, facility owner, popped for pizza and cake. He, his family, and the maintenance staff served.

To me, Woodland Garden feels more like a college dorm than a HUD Section 8 seniors’ residence, home for 64 souls—9 men and 55 women, most of them well seasoned. Sometimes Woodland Garden feels like a squirrely Cub Scout pack. I dubbed Sandy den mother.

She guided us for three years, fielding complaints, solving problems, reminding us of rules, and selling laundry quarters. Sandy hosted monthly birthday socials, seasonal celebrations, and frequent music entertainments, always with flair. Each spring, she labored through resident recertification—60 interviews, reams of government paper.

We shared Sandy’s tears as she said goodbye. She and her husband will move to Wyoming to be near family and explore new jobs. Thank you, dear Sandy. You have become a special friend.

Now we must break in Ann, Poor girl.

Old Grandpa Lloyd