Wounded in Woodland Garden

Now I’m an easygoing guy, not given to complaining. But I’ve had it with Facebook. I refer to a film link daughter-in-law Lila sent to her daughter Kat. It depicted a skinny, scantily-clad German woman showing off on parallel bars. Kat was a gymnast in younger years. Her father Dave, my #3 son, was a scholarship gymnast with the Indiana Hoosiers. Kat responded to the woman’s performance (she was 91): “I wish I could do that now!”

It wasn’t the attire that troubled me but the putting down of normal geezers like me with meat on our bones. In spite  of that, I responded with gentle humor: “Big deal! Yesterday I took three steps without my walker!”  “Stud muffin!” replied Kat. Sensing something, I commented: “Check with the Girl from 313. She’s just two years older than my daughter Sally.”

I have a notion to write Facebook about allowing stuff that hurts a whole generation of citizens. Everyone knows skinny is not good. As you age, you need reserve in case of a medical emergency. Gamboling on gym equipment? Downright dangerous! Why stir unrealistic comparisons? Wounding loving grandparents is downright immoral.

l dearly love my five children, 14 grandchildren, and great-grands without number. I do the best I can. I’ll guess I’ll just let it go.

Old Grandpa Lloyd