Chance Encounters

The Sage and I reflect often on the life-changing, chance encounters that keep cropping up. We long ago concluded more than chance is a work. Then there are just plain fun encounters.

Last Wednesday we betook ourselves to Sunshine Café, our favorite philosophy haunt. The owners, Young A and husband Steve, have become good friends. Steve cooks. Young A serves as hostess.  She gave me a hug and produced my cushion–hard booth; long sessions.

Sunshine Café is unique. Guests actually talk to each other! Thumb-twitching is rare. After the lunch crowd thinned, Young A brought a tourist couple from Belgium to our booth, Alayn, a banker; wife Petrice, a dentist. They were doing the Lake Superior circle tour.

We enjoyed a warm, lively visit. I gave them my Hole News card– our international reader list keeps growing. We will remember these delightful new friends from Europe, and they will remember the two geezers they met in a cozy Midwest America café.

Their visit turned our thoughts to the impact other chance encounters have made on us and on the persons we met. Three or four years ago, Clyde befriended a young coffee shop barista. He learned she was working through difficult issues. Life looked bleak. Today, under Clyde’s caring guidance, the sun shines. Adventures beyond her dreams have appeared on the horizon.

I recalled five years back, in the midst of the most frustrating period of my life, a chance encounter led me to my geezer nest at Woodland Garden, just down the hall from the girl in 313.

I thank the Lord of chance encounters. Then last night’s reading rewound my mind 75 years to a chance encounter that set the course of my life.  I’ll tell you about that next time.

Old Grandpa Lloyd