Fun at Woodland Garden

The fun began Thursday evening. Kevin drove Noma and me to Bridgeman’s for supper then to Sam’s Club for a shopping spree. I had joined Sam’s online, naming Noma Leskela to receive the second member card.

The girl in 313 and I enjoy a happy relationship. She does the grocery shopping, feeds me suppers in her apartment, and sends me home with leftovers for the next day’s lunch. I help pay the grocery tab.

I figured bulk buying at Sam’s good prices would more than cover the $45 annual dues. Kevin found me a power scooter with a huge basket and we headed for the service desk to pick up member cards. An affable young man took my computer print-out, dabbled on his computer and pointed a small camera at us. A machine whirred and spat out two wallet member cards bearing our names and photos.

Retaining my card for check out, Norma dropped hers unread in her purse. We shopped most of an hour, filling the scooter basket. Norma did the check-out honors. Loading Kevin’s car, we headed home. We stashed our booty in my fridge and Norma sought out her apartment, weary.

Friday morning, Norma showed up for our daily what’s-for-supper discussion wearing a grin. She handed me her Sam’s Club card. The photo was fine, but the name: Norma Mattson! The clerk goofed and we hadn’t caught it.

All morning we watched eyebrows rise as friends read the card. I explained Sam’s Club’s new service. A couple could step up to the counter, place four quarters in a machine, and a pontifical voice would say, “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.” Bingo, they were married.

Life is never dull at Woodland Garden.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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  1. Well, finally! Even if it was fake lol. Now no 1 can say you’re livin in sin any more even though yall never have been lol. Wonder what the record for the oldest folks to ever get married is.

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