The POTUS and the Boy Scouts of America

I’m about to lose friends. So be it.  My goal in life is not friend-making but truth-speaking, and I can only speak truth as I see it.

Speaking the truth in love does not require us to soft-peddle ugliness, whether in low places or high, and the POTUS’ speech before 40,000 Boy Scouts and leaders was about as ugly as it gets. Yes, there were occasional proper moments, but the rants between besmirched the whole.

I’ll not belabor the details—you can read the speech. If you reach a conclusion different from mine, I’ll honor that. We can still be friends. But please don’t whitewash the ugly, and please don’t come at me with What about so and so.

If you wonder at my umbrage, Scouting shaped my life. Measured by my Baptist church, not all our Scout leaders were sanctified Christians. Some smoked. Some took an occasional drink. Occasionally a hell or damn popped out, but never an off-color story. They cared for us and enabled us to do the things we loved. The holy church men of my family church were far too busy serving God to spend time with boys in the woods.

I covet for those 40,000 boys at the national Jamboree all that Scouting meant to me. Surely they deserved better than the POTUS poured out on them. I’m ashamed.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

2 thoughts on “The POTUS and the Boy Scouts of America

  1. So heartbroken for our nation. Seems no one wants to hear what the other has to say anymore. Civility seems to have left not only the building but the country. If Jesus doesn’t come pretty soon, I think we’re all gonna be in trouble–or at least those of us still alive. & that, unfortunately, likely includes our grandkids & great grandkids, if present. We certainly haven’t left them much of a world. I can’t help but wonder if there’s anything I personally could’ve done differently.

  2. I don’t usually reply to myself. But here’s an article from an Eagle Scout, class of 2015.
    An Eagle Scout reflects on Trump’s Jamboree speech

    Here’s the beginning:
    “Profound disappointment barely seems to scratch the surface of my feelings toward both President Donald Trump and the Boy Scouts of America after the president’s speech at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday evening.
    Trump, whose meandering address contained nuggets of advice cloaked in shameless self-aggrandizement, redoubled his attacks on both Democrats and civil institutions, derided “Obamacare,” and touted economic indicators that have been on the rise for years.
    I am disappointed in the president for exploiting a captive audience of young people to engage in flagrant self-promotion and to widen the chasm of division that pollutes our politics. I am disappointed in attendees who applauded the president as he demeaned his predecessor Barack Obama (who, incidentally, was involved in scouting), his former opponent Hillary Clinton, and the media.
    And I am disappointed in commenters on social media who posted horrifying side-by-side images and comparisons of the Jamboree and Hitler Youth rallies.
    Each group — presented with a unique opportunity to celebrate values that should guide our nation —displayed an appalling lack of self-control.
    In a time of unyielding rancor, the tenets of the Scout Law were used not as ideals to which we can aspire, but as weapons with which we can bludgeon our political opponents.
    So here I offer an alternate message, one that could have been given by the president to a group that aims to embody so much of what we purport to value as a country.”

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