You Never Know

My apologies to ghost-writer Lynn Vincent for omitting her name on the author list for Same Different As Me. Many-talented Lynn put the story together. Every non-literary notable leans on a professional writer/editor. Turning an idea into a book is complex, with marketing the hardest part of the process.

Back in the 50s, I became Muskegon’s best book peddler. It was my week to do he devotionals on WMUS, a God and Country station. WMBI (Moody Bible Institute) of Chicago filled morning hours, the rest of the day  was local. One day after my stint the station manager–who knew I’d had radio experience—said, “Lloyd, we’re in a bind. WMBI is dropping us. I need help while we reorganize.

I agreed to cover for a week or two, teaming up with Roy Williamson, a fellow pastor with a flair for radio. The station provided a log, slotting commercials and taped broadcast. I read commercials, spun records, and cued tapes.  While tapes played, I ripped news off the clattering teletype and phoned police and fire departments, putting together news casts. The biggest challenge were fill-in segments.

About that time, by Dale Evans Angel Unaware came out. I created a Book Nook, blending music with snatches from the book. The author employed her challenged mongoloid child to tell the charming story. Soon listeners began to call. Where could they get the book? Every local bookstore had sold out!

I often sat at the microphone wondering if anyone was listening. These days, I stare at the computer screen and wonder if anyone will read me.

You never know.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

One thought on “You Never Know

  1. I read the book as a child, &, to me, it’s 1 of the most beautiful pieces ever written. Perhaps it became even more poignant when I, too, found the common ground w/Dale of being a mom who’s lost a daughter. It’s hard to come anywhere close to comprehending that sort of grief until you’ve been there. If you haven’t read it, & it can still be obtained, I recommend it highly.

    & yeah, Adopted Dad, I read u whenever u post.

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