Whoa! My recent Hole News comment on wondering if anyone reads my my stuff was mostly whimsey, not fishing. But thanks to a bunch who responded, some from way back. I tell people I’m really famous, but nobody knows.

I write with Longfellow’s Archer philosophy: I shot an arrow into the air, and where it landed—I don’t care.(I live that way too). I grab a blog idea and take off, seldom knowing where I’ll wind up. I’ve had great adventures writing fiction, following my characters.

I don’t wake up each morning praying God will guide me. Guidance is built into the Jesus-following process. I put my feet on the floor, grab my walker Matilda, and start waltzing. Que Sera Sera.

You say that’s not spiritual? I know. But it works.

Thanks to everyone who reads me. Special thanks to those who now and then respond. I love you all. When you creep up on 94, you’re not shy about expressing love.

Old Grandpa Lloyd