Every now and then I take a lick about my theology. I love Jesus, my church, and the Scriptures. But a literal, inerrant Bible?

How about two-million souls wandering the barren Sinai desert with herds and flocks for 40 years. Or the Noah’s hand-made Ark sustaining a million pair of critters large and small, afloat for ten months.  Maybe the Bible is more complex than we think.

The Bible blends 66 ancient manuscripts written over 1600 years on cumbersome leather scrolls. Who recorded Israel’s story from Abraham to Moses? Not Moses. The account records his death. And who gathered 150 poems and songs from hundreds of years to give us our blessed Psalms?

No individual owned a Bible in ancient times; all teaching was oral. The single-volume Bible had to wait 1400 years for Johannes Guttenberg’s printing press. A fascinating, tangled history precedes today’s Bible, with many fingers in the pie; some unsanitary.

You can’t do theology apart from history. Do you imagine Isaiah or Malachi ever imagined their writings would one day be bunched together with others in a single book?

From the first to the last, writers of the Bible pointed toward a coming Redeemer. He came in the fullness of time, God’s Living Word. He claimed all authority, so following Jesus, I can’t go wrong.

When the Bible-versus-science argument thunders around me, I think of poor Copernicus and Galileo. How sure literalists were back then! Raise your hands, all you who believe the sun revolves around Planet Earth.

My creed is simple: Mystery, Sovereign Grace, Incarnation. I’m fully content.

Old Grandpa Lloyd