I Love You Truly

I love you: sweetest words human lips can can utter; one notch above Let’s eat. I whisper those words daily to the girl from 313, not necessarily in that order. What a priceless gift, to have someone to love.
Sadly, we throw love around so recklessly the word has lost much of its richness. Three words in the Greek are translated love: agape, phileo, and eros (erotic). Eros never appears in scripture. Some theologians would rank agape above phileo, but some Bible passages use them interchangeably.  I prefer simple Christian love.
Love is the essence of following Jesus. Scripture says a person who claims to love God and does not love others is a liar. Christian love renders Christ-like treatment to all without regard to feelings, and that is the only way we can serve God.
Of course we enjoy some some people more than others, and properly so, but when we practice Christian love aside from feelings, good feelings often follow.
Old Grandpa Lloyd