North Winds Will Blow

It’s close to midnight. Coyotes are yipping nearby. I’m piling kindling to warm heart and mind when Minnesota does what it does come autumn. I added three new books to the pile.

Book 1. Essays After Eighty by Donald Hall. Hole News today: Early pages spooked me–Hall seemed to be channeling my experience. The former Poet Laureate, a favored writer, provides a candid look at old age. I savor Hall’s prose, love his zingers. Though we’re far apart in lifestyle and philosophy, I always learn something useful from an honest writer.

Book 2: Losing My Mind, Thomas DeBaggio. DeBaggio gives us a first hand report on living with Alzheimer’s from diagnosis at 57 through slowly fading viability. Uniquely put together, the book will strengthen those who walk a friend or loved one through this dread disease.

Book 3: Didn’t See That Coming, by Roger James Kuhns. Dozens of stories drawn Kuhns’ geological assignments near and far. More as I get into the book. Also, Kuhns’ companion film: Escarpment, Adventures Along the Niagara Escarpment. A glimpse of how Creator God put this speck in the universe together.

Thanks for the book and film, Jeanne, dear keeper of Lost Moth Gallery.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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