A Road Less Taken

Recently, a Facebooker ticked off a list of the bad stuff going on around us: wars, floods, hurricanes, fires, mass shootings, Washington shenanigans, threats overseas. Things are so bad, Facebooker concluded, Jesus must return soon.

I smiled. That’s what some New Testament folks said, and doomsayers have been repeating it ever since. What arrogance causes some mortals to think God sets his clock by their annoyance or fear? Things have always been bad somewhere; sometimes bad bunches up.

Though writing in another vein, I like Neil deGrasse Tyson’s thoughts quoted in yesterday’s Writer’s Almanac. I paraphrase: The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you…humans want to think that they’re the center of the world, that events happening locally in their lifetimes are significant in a way that is out of proportion with reality. (Humans) are part of all of life on Earth, part of all the planets that exist in the galaxy, part of an entire system of the universe. End quote.

Earthly wisdom gives us no simple answer to natural disasters or human perversity. Nature and humanity are incredibly complex. Stalins and Hitlers outnumber Mother Teresas in the headlines and on a tribal level. Put three people together, and the alpha wolf syndrome sets in, often subtly. That’s basic sociology. Ever run afoul a noisy religious leader?

Was a day I had answers to questions not yet asked; answers from my tribe. Then I found a more comfortable road. Can I prove I’m right? No. But I’m not obligated to heed every voice raised against me. My guidance comes from the One who claimed all authority on heaven and earth. I simply follow him.

What if I’m wrong? I’ll take my chances. And please don’t throw the Bible at me; I know the book fairly well, where it came from and how we got it. Should it turn out I took the wrong road, I sure enjoy the scenery.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

2 thoughts on “A Road Less Taken

  1. Greetings Cuz, I’m still enjoying memories of the time we had together. And please thank Lady Norma for adding some class to us guys.. I’m writing a travelog based on the pictures we took during our visit, but I’m missing some names and details as to locations and events to title the pictures. I’d appreciate your ‘editing’ if i send you a set of the photos and my notes, OK? I’ feel the trip and scenery photos will be more meaningful to my kids and to my family if I capture the details—- they said they want a ‘full report’.
    Thanks again for your hospitality and setting up arrangements with Pat and Steve— I’ll send them a copy of the finished travelog and photos when it is complete.
    I thank God for the chance to visit you all, Cuz Len

  2. I’ve sent a reply to your “Road less Taken” article regarding my visit. Let me know if you got it. Thanks, Len

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