Philosophy for Today: Make Your Bed

I recently caught a multi-starred General on Public Radio. His commencement speech began with three words: make your bed.

The General talked 20 minutes on the value of tending to life’s essentials in timely manner to gain focus and find inner peace. It sent me on a guilt trip. My bed can go unmade for days. I just shut the bedroom door. When sleep time comes, I crawl in, scrunch around for flat space, roll and thrash, and maybe sleep briefly. Then the inevitable hole in the night steals in.

I took the General’s advice and began tidying up my bed first thing in the morning. That shortened evening scrunch time, I slept longer, and my mood improved for the hole in the night.

Dirty dishes always cluttered my sink, with dishpan and drying rack crowding my limited work space. Then I began cleaning up after each meal, air drying the few dishes on a towel.  Goodbye dishpan and rack.

My messy desk was next. I repeatedly searched for the oft-used phone numbers list. Then I got the good sense to tape it to the desk.  I replaced endless scraps of paper with scribbled notes I could never find with Computer Sticky Notes and even began carrying out kitchen waste and recyclables before they overflowed.

Remarkable how all this stilled my soul for afternoon naps.

Thank you, General.

Old Grandpa Lloyd