A Hug, a Fistpump, a Pat on the Back

This morning I sat alone in Emmanuel Baptist foyer with Matilda my horse close by. Norma, the Girl from 313, was off with a busload of girls to Ikea, the house of horrors. Hell may be a never-ending shopping spree. No place like home.

Friends paused to give me a hug, a fist pump, or a pat on the back. The auditorium began to fill. Fifteen years ago, 25 was a good crowd. Emmanuel is a story, and so is old Grandpa Lloyd. Check Epilogue page 2: Frustrated in Tucson. www.lloydsstorytree.com.

The story took twist last week. Norma’s granddaughter Liisa Jean Jacobson announced her engagement to Jake Jehlicka of Ogilvie, Minnesota—wedding next summer. Two weddings in one summer!  Anne Kangas, Norma’s eldest granddaughter, will marry Ph. D. candidate Samuel Rothstein in August. Nor sure Gram’ma Norma can handle the excitement. I feel it too: I promised to dance with Gram’ma —first-ever dance.

Darkness has fallen. I’m on my own for supper; I’ll thaw something while I ponder Psalm 16. My boundary lines indeed have fallen in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. Best of all, I don’t have to wait to collect.

A hug, a fistpump, a pat on the back.

Old Grandpa Lloyd