Life is Good!

To kith, kin, and Hole News friends:

Here’s where I find myself these days: Son Kevin and Tena have completed their move to Viroqua in Southwest Wisconsin, Tena’s home area. Sale of their Duluth home has been completed.  Kevin is recovering well from his recent triple bypass surgery.

Their move changes the dynamic for me. Kevin was my go-to guy, first responder in emergencies. Norma Leskela, the Girl from 313, willingly moved into that role. How I appreciate her! She has family contacts. Feel free to call her for whatever: 218-724-4896. Her address is the same as mine, except for room number.

I’m doing great, fully functional save for balance, a need met by my four wheeled walker. Housekeeping help comes every-other-week. I wear a call button for in-apartment emergencies.  Social Security and pension comfortably cover my needs. I humbly accept the vicissitudes 94 years bring.

I am fully content in my Woodland Garden home, well able to handle the independent living requirement. We have chosen Saint Anne’s Assisted Living for my next care level. Life is good.

Old Grandpa Lloyd