Have a Jolly, Jolly Christmas

Who came up with the idea that being holy demands dour piety?  Yesterday, Emmanuel Baptist threw its annual Christmas party. If loving is giving, we hit a ten: two solid hours of giving and receiving joy.

I wore a white shirt and tie—first time in memory. And I brought the prettiest date in the place, the girl from 313. The Sage from Juniata Street provided wheels and wisdom. We found the fellowship hall sparkling with Christmassy décor as the pile of white elephant exchange gifts grew. Tempting smells hinted at catered gluttony to come, a forgivable sin.

Joining us were friends from the Landing, a start-up church where our recent interim pastor Brent Nelson now serves. His devotional warmed our hearts. Carols, Christmas readings, conversation, laughter—all precious in the eyes of the Lord.

The Scriptures are rich with thoughts of joy. Jesus began his ministry by contributing fine wine to a party, and don’t tell me it was Welch’s. God will wrap up human history with the greatest party of all, the wedding supper of the Lamb. We’re all invited.

This Christmas, throw a party. Share the joy.

Old Grandpa Lloyd