My Pet Ant

The Good Book offers a wealth of wisdom to those who seek. Proverbs tells us, Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. I took that literally last evening. A tiny black ant joined my midnight and I adopted it.

An ant makes a better pet than the fuzz ball dogs and imperious cats inhabiting Woodland Garden. Ants make no noise and never need a vet. You don’t have to walk them.  Ants are content with a spot of sweet or greasy/salty that escaped the kitchen sponge.

My new pet wandered about then settled in on a wee spill near the toaster. It was still there when I returned to bed, where I remembered an earlier pet I killed. Thinking to make it feel at home, I dug out the honey jar. Unfortunately, the golden drop landed on the visitor. It squirmed briefly then either drowned or ate itself to death.

So what wisdom did this sluggard gain from these harmless creatures? First, don’t smother a friend with good intentions. Second, what we gain from discovery is sweeter that what is handed to us; and the energy we spend in discovery increases the appetite.

I put that into practice.  At midday, I spurned the nutty fruit bread gift in my Fridge. At five, I waltzed Matilda my walker to 313, where a kind lady would serve supper right after Jeopardy and the evening news.

Sure pays to heed scripture.

Old Grandpa Lloyd