A bug of some sort has invaded the Hole News resulting in multiple emails, some making no sense. Thanks for patience as webmaster Jackie and the web service pros work it out.

Facebook carries the Hole News along Story Tree stuff and occasional quickie notes.

After getting five identical Hole News emails, one reader wondered if I had flipped. No more than usual. All is well at Woodland Garden and beyond, where we venture. The Girl in 313 keeps me fed; the Sage of Juniata Street and move us about. Lunch with Emmanuel men at Big Daddy’s today.

Looking forward to fun days ahead.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

One thought on “Bugged!

  1. Bug’s probably moi in the form of a duplicate email configuration. I fixed that, hopefully this will no longer be an issue. My humblest apologies. Sometimes my stupidity surprises even me. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this, whether or not they actually work.

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