Hello, All. I’m Jackie, & I’m Lloyd’s webservant. I need to apologize for the last couple weeks. The email plugin we’d been using for years was removed from the WordPress repository for a number of reasons, the most pressing of which was unaddressed security problems. I therefore had to find something that worked to send emails for this site. Unfortunately, I found a few plugins that didn’t quite live up to their advertisements. Also unfortunately, at times I posted stuff that was only supposed to go to me but forgot to check the right box, & yall ended up receiving it. I’m embarrassed, & I humbly apologize. I can tell yall I seriously hate the combination of egg on my face & crow in my yap. Since I’m a volunteer, I guess my job is secure, but that doesn’t mean I have a right to be sloppy. I guess sometimes, despite my best efforts, I get distracted &/or in a hurry, & that, unfortunately impacted negatively on everyone. I can’t apologize enough for that.

After clearing out mail queues, uninstalling/reinstalling plugins, & deleting database tables, I think I’ve finally got stuff under control & on the right track. I reckon we’ll see.

If there are posts you haven’t received, please come up & join the fun on

I’m hoping you’ll get your posts from henceforth.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. If I can help anyone w/anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address from which you get this newsletter, & I’ll do what I can.

Happy 93rd Birthday, Adopted Dad

Happy 93rd, Lloyd. Thanks for touching our lives w/your wisdom, your humor, your knowledge, your perspective, your grace, your faith, & your love. You’ve learned much during your long life here, & I for 1 appreciate you sharing. It’s a privilege to host your blog & to act as your webservant. Speaking of which, I backed up your database & updated your site. Please let me know privately if you got your email working & what address you’re using for your personal stuff now.


Audience, please come up on the blog, email, snailmail, facebook, or in some other way join me to wish Lloyd a happy b-day!

Update Broke the Email

An attempt to update the MailPress plugin by which we send our emails was successful, although it kind of broke things in the process. Rather like saying that the operation was a success, unfortunately, the patient died, isn’t it?

The question now becomes: did the webservant fix it or not? & the only way to find out is to send this & see if it arrives intact in subscribers’ inboxes.

Have a blessed weekend, HN subscribers. I really hope this works, or I’m gonna find myself in the unenviable position of having to babysit a 2-1/2-year-old & trying to fix a website simultaneously, all while under blindfold. Fun fun fun! Yippee kyo kyay!

What I Believe

Having left behind some teachings of my youth, friends sometimes ask, “Lloyd, what do you believe?” I ponder that often. What are my core beliefs? I have identified truths that anchor my walk with Jesus. I could expand each with pages of detail and multiple texts.

First, I believe in mystery. Mystery overshadows all my beliefs. Our minds are not equipped to grasp infinity, eternity, incarnation, Trinity, Deity. I claim by faith what my mind cannot encompass and leave all with God.

I believe in the sovereign grace of Creator God who loves his creatures and acted to teach me what I could know about his Person.

I believe the in the Incarnation. Jesus was who he claimed to be: one with the Father.

I believe in the Atonement: the cross, empty tomb, and final triumph of the gospel.

I believe in God’s kingdom, which is something other than the Church though it includes churches.

I believe in the local church, companies large or small that band together for worship, learning, and service.

I believe in the Bible as God intended it teaches inerrant truth, often through figurative language.

I believe in prayer, conversation with God.

I believe in personal witness, sharing Jesus through life and word.

I believe in creation ex nihilo. God lit the big bang in ages past, introducing into the process all that was needed to fulfill his purpose through progressive creation. God sustains his creation through the word of his power.

I believe in consummation, the ultimate winding down of the temporal universe.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

New Hip, New Hope–coming Friday!

Let’s all keep our beloved HoleNews editor-in-chief Lloyd in prayer for the next few weeks or so as he goes throu hip replacement surgery this Friday . At nearly 90, that is no mean feat, & many would not even be a candidate for it even at a younger age.


Go, Lloyd!

Dad Gum Webservants & Their Idiotic Tests

I’ve been away much of this week, connected to an unsecured wireless network, & therefore did not dare to log into this site much less post anything. This is simply a test of the Holenews.org emailing system. This is only a test. Were this an actual post, you’d have been requested to read it rather than ignore it. We’ll see if the rather gigantic piece of my mind I gave the hosting folks had any benefit–I sure hope so cuz I don’t have much mind to spare, & that 1 was probably more than I could really afford. It did seem, however, to get them to sit up & take notice. We’ll see.


I might be away again Monday wig shopping. Dealing w/the powers that be on this 1 definitively proved tough on my already dwindling hair supply. As wigs seem to be easier to procure than minds, that expedition should hopefully not prove too difficult.


Lastly, I’m glad I don’t have 1 of those talking birds as a pet. I’m certain it’d have repeated some phrases regarding this incident that I’d rather it didn’t, & it’d have done it at the most inopportune time, i.e., when the pastor was visiting, etc. I suspect were I a member of the Catholic faith, I’d be doing penance for a solid month.


By way of explanation, it appears that somehow the system labeled Holenews.org email as spam, & I jockeyed (Jackied?) around w/’em for 9 days before they fixed it–if indeed they fixed it. So–here it goes off into cyberspace, accompanied by many prayers, petitions, & supplications that this problem is indeed resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, or I’m gonna have to start the whole process all over again, which absolutely no one will like. If I do have to start from square 1, maybe I will get 1 of those talking birds, & he can give ’em a piece of his mind, using my words. That way, I don’t have to give away more of mine.

Duct Tape & Bailing Wire

I oft refer to myself as the best blind southern engineer on the planet. That title stems from my ability to take whatever materials I have at hand, throw them together w/duct tape & bailing wire, & somehow make stuff work.


For whatever reason, holenews.org suddenly began experiencing difficulties sending emails. The problem is serverside, which means it’s out of your webservant’s hands, & either the powers that be are having difficulty believing me that the problem exists &/or they don’t know why. Meanwhile, I’ve tried some redirect wizardry in hopes of getting the posts emailed to subscribers till the problem can be well & truly fixed, i.e., the cyber equivalent of duct tape & bailing wire. Let’s see if it flies.


I’d like to make 1 more note. The email used for sending out the Hole News is not, contrary to what some appear to believe, Lloyd’s exclusive email address. It actually goes to the site administrators, 1 of whom is your webservant. Thus–Mattson family–heads up–I read all correspondence that comes to that mailbox. If you don’t wish your messages to be read by prying eyes from non-Mattson family members (even if those eyes happen not to work), you might wish to direct correspondence to Lloyd’s private gmail address. Lloyd does consider me family–some of the rest of the Mattson family, however, well may not, which is understandable. Just letting everyone know.


Blessings & have a wonderful Sunday, all.