Not Much Fun


It’s not much fun discussing an issue with a friend who is totally convinced she or he is right and you are wrong. Their burden is to convert, understand. The best I can do in that circumstance is tell what I believe and why I believe it and go home.

Take 16th century Galileo. He asserted mother Earth revolves around the sun. Church leaders, including Martin Luther, scorned him.  How dare a mere astronomer fly in the face of the Church and Bible?  If Joshua commanded the sun to stand still, it must have been revolving around Earth. Look how long it took the Church to admit they had been wrong.

Surely God does not honor pagan African ceremonies!

I was in St. Mary’s dying. Friends, family, and chaplains came to pray. One of my caregivers, a young student from Nigeria, stopped by my bed. She said: Last night I did our tribal ceremony for your comfort and healing.

Something worked; I lived. Reporting on that adventure I wrote, A drowning man doesn’t ask to see the lifeguard’s credentials. The Jesus I follow pays no heed to limitations mortals place on him, no matter what we think.

Old Grandpa Lloyd