Best Book I Ever Wrote–soon available.

Recent theological debates have caused some Facebook friends to fear I have drifted from the faith of the Fathers. They are right; but I didn’t drift, I paddle hard against the wind until I reached a faith of my own. In my mind our church Fathers didn’t have everything right.

While reflecting on this risky course, I chanced upon the best book I ever put together: How Do You Know that’s a Tooth?. The cover displays two huge leg bones surrounding an open Bible. Two teeth—one—small, one large—point to the Bible.  The picture, son Keith’s Photoshop artistry, points to the book’s theme: history opens the Bible.

The title was born one Sunday morning at Bayside Baptist Church, Superior, Wisconsin. I was preaching. As I often did, I gathered the kids on the platform for a story before they escaped to children’s church. The story prop was a gnarled wooly mammoth tooth the size of a small football that friend Roger Green dug from his Alaska gold mine. The kids passed it around the circle as I told about strange animals that once  roamed North America. In closing I said, “The critter that owned this tooth died about 16,000 years ago.”

After the service, unknown to me, a knot of young-earth folks caucused. Nothing could be 16,000 years old. God created the universe in six 24-hour days six or seven thousand years ago. Mattson was teaching heresy!

We’ll pick up the story next time.

Old Grandpa Lloyd