Best Book I Ever Wrote, Part Two

See the most recent Hole News post for the beginning of today’s story.

It was church picnic Sunday. Unaware I had lit a firestorm, I took the tooth along. Thinking older folks might be interested, I placed it on the watermelon table and stood nearby. Not a soul came. Finally, an older woman in search of watermelon approached. “What do you think of my tooth?” I said.  She replied in a scorn-filled voice: “How do you know that’s a tooth?” That stuck with me.

I had a new book in the works, my last, and had been looking for a title. The woman’s acid question fit perfectly! The book would be built around Hole News posts and commentary. Enlisting the girl from 313 as proof reader and assistant, I dug in. She was well versed in my earlier writings. As we worked, she would say, “Lloyd, you have to include this or that story in the book. I would protest: it doesn’t fit the theme. She would reply: well fit it. Knowing where my supper came from, I birthed Part Two.

Part Three came during my lost week. It contains scores of quotes from the Hole News compiled by an Arizona friend. When word reached him that I was dying, he sent them to me. Death didn’t take, but Bob’s collection gave he book an ideal close-out. I asked Bob to write the Foreword.

We printed 1,000 copies in 2014, the final book in our Wordshed series. Only a handful remains. Driven by current discussions and hundreds of new Facebook and Hole News friends, production is underway for another 500. Son Joel will manage distribution.

As with all Wordshed Mission books, some 30,000, making money is not the goal. I do hope to recover production and distribution costs. Watch for details

Old Grandpa Lloyd.