Watch for Word from Joel

Tooth book production is under way. Son Joel, product manager, will send word when distribution is set. If you are kind enough to buy one or more copies, I’ll appreciate it. Uncle Wells Fargo gets really crabby if he doesn’t hear from me regularly.

The Wordshed Mission was never for profit. We sent out over 30,000 books and 1,500 audio books. The Tooth book reprint will be the last, far as I know. Story-making time is running out.

The back-cover blurb opens with: The trail is best discerned from the summit, looking back, an insight gained while resting on a huge boulder at the summit of Twisp Pass in the Washington Cascades. Now I’ve reached another summit: 95 years of living. I find the view splendid, but I missed so much on the way. You can’t see much climbing a mountain trail; absorbed as you are by the next step.

So with life. Each moment’s cares blind us to wonders all about. The Tooth book tells about my climb and goals achieved. Most important: a new view of life and faith, some of which may disturb you. But we need disturbing. We live too long with a hand-me-down faith laden with sacred cows. The back cover blurb closes with: I have ceased herding sacred cows to better serve the Good Shepherd.

Old Grandpa Lloyd