The Miracle Dance

I suspect last Saturday at Bell Brothers was the first time singer Anne Murray closed out a funeral. Here’s how it happened:

Luanne MacMillan had been in touch with me about her mom’s memorial service. Her mom, was my first cousin and I agreed to officiate, walker and all. Luanne and I gathered ideas. I favor up-beat funerals; tributes, remembering by family, and brief eulogy. We planned to put it all together just prior to the memorial Saturday morning.

Wednesday evening, I was browsing through Facebook photos and came across my first-ever dance. Norma, the girl from 313, as my partner. The DJ  put on Ann Murray singing our song: Could I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life?  Norma danced; I hung on and shuffled. I posted the photo on Facebook drew a bunch of comments. On an impulse, I posted it again, telling about Ann Murray and our song.

The post startled Luanne. That was also her mom and dad’s song! A signal from God?  Ann Murray could close out close out the memorial service!. And she did..

Was that proper for so solemn an occasion? Sure. I focused my brief eulogy on dwelling in the secret place of the Most High; abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. I said life fulfillment does require blazing religious glory but a secret place where we abide in Jesus and he in us.Is there a greater gift for our secret place than to love someone who loves us?

I concluded the eulogy by telling the dance photo story. On cue, Ann Murray came on. Some of us sang along. I got the lonesomes for the girl from 313.

Old Grandpa Lloyd