Prettiest Girl at the Party

The annual Woodland Garden Christmas dinner was held Wednesday evening. The Edmonds, facility builders and owners, hosted us. They and the WG staff served. Jerry Thilmany and The Strollers entertained: accordion, bass fiddle, and violin /vocalist gal.

The decor was delightful; the food great; the mood bright and joyous. Only downer: the gabby few who carry on private conversation, no matter what. Like ants at the picnic; you learn to tolerate.

I had the prettiest girl at the party. Norma wore a multi-tiered maroon dress, baby pearl necklace, pearl-banded watch, navy blue sox, and classy shoes. I wore navy blue pants, white shirt, and maroon sweater vest matching Norma’s dress. Shoulda took a picture.

What a great place to live! Completely redecorated with new furnishings; the commons areas on all three floors are brightly trimmed for Christmas. I’m half way through my sixth year now. And to think: had I got my way, I’d be living in a cramped studio apartment—with no girl from 313.

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Old Grandpa Lloyd