Lazy Mountain Home: a Christmas to Remember

Wet snow made for slippery roads as we headed north out of Anchorage. Speedy’s van bore a colorful array of mittens, hats, scarfs, and work gloves. It was party time for the kids and staff at Lazy Mountain Children’s Home

Back in the church, the mitten tree stood bare but hearts were full. Lazy Mountain was dear to our congregation. We had planned a family caravan, but good judgement kept all but Speedy and me in town.  A weather front swept in with heavy, wet snow. As we approached the twisting gravel road up Lazy Mountain, apprehension grew.  Speedy drove an aging, rear-wheel-drive van with a light load.

Snow fell harder as climbed. Several times we barely made an up-hill turn. Finally, lights and the Home finally appeared. The party as underway–the folks were surprised to see us. They received our gifts joyously. What fun! Laughter, games, hot cider, kid snacks; 40 or more Native Alaskan kids and a dozen staff.

Closing time came and I slipped outside to check the weather for our drive home. To my delight, the front had passed, replaced by breath-taking cold. The moonless sky was aburst with wonder, scattering stars with abandon.  From inside, the final song brought tears of wonder. Silent night, holy night, all is still, all is bright…

Indeed, a Christmas to remember.

Old Grandpa Lloyd