New Theme Song

Got a new HoleNews theme song:
I ain’t gonna rant no more, no more.
I ain’t gonna rant ho more.
How in the heck will I blog my blog,
If I ain’t gonna rant no more?
I’m done with theology, philosophy, and politics. I know what I believe and why, and I am persuaded God is able to keep that which I have commited unto him against that day. There’s just an outside chance I might be wrong about something. You go your way, I’ll go mine.
I’m an old-earth creationist, a believer in the Bible as God gave it, I do not buy Darby and Scofield’s Dispensatioonalism with its novel secret rapture. I believe in the Incarnation, the cross, and return of Jesus in his time. I follow him as best I can. He claimed all authority. That’s good enough for me. And I’m a Republicrat–I vote the issue.
Old Grandpa Lloyd