Meet Jack Reacher

Sorry, Joe. I have never met Lee Child’s Jack Reacher but I suspect I’m about to. The girl from 313 loves him more than me. Norma looks after our library and maintains well over two feet of Lee Child books. I buy each new title as it appears. His books have sold a bazillion copies worldwide.

For the uninitiated: Reacher is Child’s tough protagonist. Norma likes the way he beats up on bad people. Joe Grove, a Reacher fan, is a Facebook friend from Texas. We met years ago in Anchorage where he salvaged the little church I served in 1958-’62. Joe is a blogger and exceptional writer.

I read little fiction these days, and when I do, I insist on good writing in an authentic setting.  I never read fantasy. During my travelling years, Louis Lamoure was my companion. Good company on long flights. I read Kent Krueger, the Tony Hillerman of the North. Krueger knows the Minnesota canoe country. His protagonist is Cork O’Connor, former sheriff of Tamarack County, part Irish, part Ojibwe, and all heart.

I’ll give Reacher a shot. I ordered a small book of his short stories. Maybe that will drown out the raucous yowl of the nightly news.

What are you reading?

Old Grandpa Lloyd