What a Week!

Monday morning, Dr. Nisswandt, primary care doc, gave me two thumbs up on the required post-op check-up. All systems go.

Tuesday’s six-month cleaning appointment saw dentist Tod Hansen and his crew hunting in vain for something to repair.Nothing but a glitch in the upper partial. Yea!

Wednesday found us at St. Mary’s where pacemaker techies found the new implant and leads functioning perfectly. The first pacemaker was installed 26 years ago in the same space. Two replacements followed. Thank God for his angels in white.

Thursday morning, 13 residents took Arrowhead Transit to Wally World to shop two hours. Norma shopped: I supervised and drank coffee. Bus fare: two bucks. I ride free because I am old.

About 1:00 Thursday my cleaning lady came for two hours. She does good work. At 4:00, the Sage of Juniata Street arrived to take us office-chair shopping. Finding one, we celebrated at a Perkins’ supper..

Friday mid-morning, Emmanuel friends Gerry Thilmany and Mike Nelson from Emmanuel came with accordion and fiddle. We visited briefly in my apartment then I dug out my harmonicas for a concert in the library. Standing ovation; both listeners. Norma served a nice snack in 313 and our guests departed.

Next, Son Kevin from Viroqua arrived. He camped in my office a couple hours.  He kindled my Kindle, fine-tuned my computer, and in late afternoon headed for Edgewood Vista to gather info against the day—hopefully long from now—when assisted living becomes necessary. A tall young man, Austin Lundeen, became our guide He showed us possible rooms and answered a bunch of questions.

The visit over, Kevin drove us home and headed south to Viroqua. Norma and I collapsed in 313.

What a week!

Old Grandpa Lloyd