What a Month!

March: What a month! And it’s we’re not half way through. Here’s a summary of stuff you may or may not know:

The assisted living scoop: We know the where and a lot about options of Edgewood Vista.  We know nothing about when the move will occur. No time soon. The thought of living apart brought lots of tears in 301 and 313. I’ll stay at Woodland Garden as long as I can.

Norma is now my official go-to person. She has phone numbers in case of an emergency. I’ll not mess with the will. Kevin has power of attorney; Keith is executor. I’m cutting back: No more long trips.

Thanks to Cousin Patt Carlson and Clyde Rogers. They often transport us to appointments.  We use STRIDE whenever possible—cheap, reliable, walker-friendly.

Books: When move time comes, the Salvation Army will pick up surplus books. S.O. Norma (superior officer) will allow me one small bookcase for must-reads.

Pacemaker: It ticks happily away. The twofer wasn’t fun, but all is well now. A new home monitor checks it between annual office visits. Thanks for prayers and notes of concern.

Executive decision: No more birthday parties. Maybe we’ll put the coffee on for my 100th.  Mark your calendar.

Can’t do list: It grows as balance deteriorates. I have help: a health aid each Wednesday—two hours; a laundry-housekeeping woman every-other Thursday. The girl in 313 shops, cooks suppers, and reminds my forgetter.

Exercise: I exercise every night. I walk from the bed to the lounge chair to the computer and to the kitchen and bathroom. Evenings at Jeopardy and news follow Paul’s advice to Timothy (1 Tim 5:23) to head off stomach disorders.

Always love to hear from you. Visit when you can. Thank dear, patient Norma: 218-724-4896.

Grampa Lloyd