The Life of the Party

Last Hole News told about the time I got drunk, inadvertently. Too much over-ripe apple cider. There was one other occasion when I became impaired. I suppose you could call it drunk. This time, the culprit was cough medicine.

For several years each fall, a debilitating cough gripped me, making preaching all but impossible. Even conversation was difficult. My doctor prescribed cough medicine, warning me to use it carefully. It was laced with turpin hydrate/ codeine and probably alcohol.

When our church’s night at a downtown Chicago rescue mission rolled around, I was tapped to preach. Gathering my Bible and bottle, Elsie and I joined church friends at the mission. I nipped generously to get through the message.

After the service, I mingled with mission folks while our group served refreshments. Another nip enabled med to converse.

An after-service tradition took then church group from the mission to a cozy restaurant for fellowship. I felt the cough returning and nipped again. A warm feeling crept over me; my spirits rose; I became the life of the party. Elsie eyed me and took the car keys. By the time we our home in the north suburbs, I was just able to get inside and to bed. Weird dreams followed.

Thus ends my walk on the wild side.

Old Grandpa Lloyd