Fighting the Two Big B’s

This note to Emmanuel Church friends brings you up to date on my current status. Those who say ageing is only in the head have never been there. Balance and bathroom are my major challenges.


Dear Emmanuel friends,

Thank you for so many kindnesses over the years. I regret that age-related factors now keep me from regular attendance. I follow church life on the website.

My 95 years are showing. My goal is to so order my life that I can remain at Woodland Garden, an independent living facility. I get out occasionally under guarded circumstances.  Long trips are no more.

I maintain the Hole News blog and visit often with Facebook friends. You can subscribe to receive each Hole News by email. Epilogue details my decade since Elsie’s homegoing. Remarkable story.

I keep Emanuel and Pastor John in my prayers. I enjoy e-notes and visitors.

Old Grandpa Lloyd