The Thimble Gospel

There are folks who talk about getting saved as a poultice God slaps on your soul when you believe certain things in the right order—the plan of salvation. It’s a done deal; now get on with your life.

Nonsense! Salvation is a beginning, evidenced by new life. No beginning; no salvation. Protest all you want. If Salvation gives you only escape from Hell, you missed Jesus’s point. He offers moment-by-moment living in him.

That health/wealth stuff is baloney. Jesus died hurting, and dead broke; they stole even his clothes. But what glory lay ahead!

So with us. Only by dying to all self-reliance can know the glory of life in Christ. We serve God in ordinary places: sometimes on a trout stream, sometimes at a football game, sometimes in a sewing circle.

Many a hurting heart wears a thimble.

Old Grandpa Lloyd