Book Feast

Two books lie on the table by my lounge chair. Son Joel sent the one with a fading jacket for Father’s Day. The other book is brand spanking new. It came from Uncle Amazon Prime

Joel’s gift is Alaska Sourdough by Richard Morenus. It’s the story of Slim Williams (copyright 1956). The Amazon book, The Tale Teller, is by Anne Hillerman, daughter of Tony Hillerman, who died a while back. Anne has picked up her father’ stories about Sergeant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police.

I’ll feast on these books awhile, along with Crazy White Man, also by Morenus. It is also set in the Arctic bush.  I read Crazy White Man when it came out it in the 50s.

I have been in love with books since grade three, when a circus elephant gave me glasses and I discovered Lester Park Public Library. I recall lying on the Davenport in our small Duluth home writing stories for boys in my head. During travelling years, I always carried an adventure novel to read at idle moments.

Expect to hear more about story books. Enough with theology and philosophy.

Old Grandpa Lloyd