Jesus First

Put God first! I hear that often. But how?  Religious exercises? They consume ten percent of our time, at best. Does nothing else count?

Bob Snyder offers insights in his July 11 Lessons Learned on the Journey. He discusses what Jesus says about multi-tasking—life’s ordinary essentials: A debate is in progress in academic circles about the dangers of multi-tasking—is it harmful to my well-being, to my productivity and to my tranquility? As an emergency physician, my ability to perform my duties required multi-tasking. However, there were times in the ER when focusing on just one task was crucial.

I do not think mono-tasking or multi-tasking can be looked at from the perspective of either/or. Although a great multi-tasker himself, Jesus knew that at times only one thing mattered. In Luke 10:42 (NLT) He said to Martha: “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken from her.” Dinner, hospitality, and hard work, of course, matter, but in that moment, time with Jesus mattered more.

Life is full of activities, pressures, and distractions. Yet, there are times when my focus should be on one thing only—Jesus. So we come full circle: Christian mystics great and small talk about focusing on God but never tell us how. Should I hide away, grunt, and repeat Jesus, Jesus, Jesus over and over? Maybe read the Bible. Devotional times are vital, but are they spiritual in contrast with action/duty times? I go with what works, now that I’m old and feedback comes from friends encountered over the years.

My play times touched more lives than pray times!  I don’t think one Woodland Garden resident sees me as a retired religious professional. I lead no Bible studies, hold no prayer meetings yet I often spend soul-searching moments with individuals in times of personal need. I conclude putting Jesus first has nothing to do with religion. Some of the meanest people I know sit in church every Sunday.

Old Grandpa Lloyd