Rehashing Rehash

My theological stance will lead some to think I have low regard for the local church. Not so! I was a parish pastor for many years, serving small churches. I loved my people and most of them loved me—I was Baptist. But I refused to get tied in a knot over which brand of church was closest to the truth.

Church life is vital to spiritual health, but it represents a small fraction of what Jesus is doing in our big world. When I say it’s just as important how we play as how we pray, I mean it with all my heart. Evidence shows up in my life day by day.

Look no farther than the New Testament to observe the guts of church life. All religion is of human origin. God doesn’t give a hoot how we worship, nor does he pick favorites among worship approaches, whether high liturgy or pep rally. Not a line of scripture tells us to being people to church to find God.

But all this is old hat. Those who know me know about my mosaic of providence. I can’t change the big world, though human schemes to do so seek my help (mostly money). But I can change my tiny world simply by putting to work the gifts God gave me. Our words—written, spoken, or sung–may fly around the world–or across the street, touching a life here and there. Mass evangelism! Doesn’t exist. If only people would only listen to me!

Am I dead sure my take on the ways of faith is right?  Of course not. But it works for me.

Old Grandpa Lloyd

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