So Close!

As I approach year 96, I reflect on God’s providence over the years. There were several occasions when I came really close to death. I guess the closest was that afternoon at Lake Ellen Camp in Upper Michigan when I was serving as interim director.

The offices occupied a multipurpose building with a hot water heating system. The boiler was under the office section. As fall approached, our head maintenance man Mike Wilig brought in a heating guy to check the boiler—the U.P gets really cold. He worked an hour or so and declared all was well.

A day or so later, my office grew chilly and I went downstairs to turn on the boiler. I flipped the switch but nothing happened. Then a Propane smell hit me.  The boiler guy had failed to complete the gas line connection! When I flipped the switch, gas flowed freely into the basement. Stupidly, rather than evacuating the building and shutting off the gas at the tank, I connected the open coupling, hand-tightening it with Propane drifted through the furnace room. The slightest spark would have blown the building and everyone in it to kingdom come.

I reported the incident to Mike, suggesting he check my work. He said No way! and phoned the boiler guy. He came in a hurry. I didn’t catch Mike’s conversation with him, but it was heated.

So I lived to fight another day.

Old Grandpa Lloyd