Readers and Nibblers

I can’t imagine life without books. I’ve been reading since grade three, when a circus elephant led to my first pair of glasses, a story for another time. I wrote my first book in 1962. My last book came out in 2003. No more books, but reading never ends.

I keep two kinds of books by my lounge chair–readers and nibblers. Readers I peruse page by page; nibblers, I dip into here and there. There may be several nibblers

My current reader book is Alaska Sourdough by Richard Morenus, copyright 1956. Next in line: Heidi by Helen B. Dole, copyright 1899, a book I read 85years ago. My main nibbler is The Writer’s Life by Annie Dillard, copyright 1989. Other titles slip in and out.

Alaska Sourdough tells the story of Slim Williams, a city guy who joined the horde of hopefuls early in Alaska’s gold rush. He headed out from Valdez, a raw, grim, true tale. Slim found treasure greater than gold

I love Alaska stories.  Elsie and I launched our Wordshed Mission with Alaska titles, one telling the adventures of Don and Lorene Stump, pioneer missionaries to the Lake Country; the other about , Aleut Paul Boskoffsky. Those books are my favorites among the nine Wordshed titles.

Tucked around the books are several thousand short wrings: blogs, fiction, poems, articles, columns. Now, it’s mostly the Hole News and Facebook.

Read! It’s good for soul and mind.

Old Grandpa Lloyd